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Just a Hint of Attitude

It's about time you got here. That's right, we've been waiting for you. I guess you're wonderin' what the heck thebakerdude is all about, huh?

thebakerdude makes homemade dessert delicacies that cater to those of you with high-fallutin' attitudes without the high-fallutin' wallets, to boot. Everything that comes from our kitchen comes out freshly baked

You should know that this isn't your normal website. thebakerdude is tired of whiny, politically correct cry babies and has vowed to deliver some punch! for your viewing pleasure. We believe a little attitude is good for our business. It gets you riled up a hair right before you have that nirvana-like pleasure experience when you first pop one of our treats into your mouth.

It's good for the digestion, too.

If you don't like our site, that's good; at least you have an opinion about something. Alas, since you are too pissy to view our site without your face turning red, a big box of tissues and a complaint letter to your congressman....you will find a big "X" button in the top right corner.

Don't waste any more of your precious time.
Go on....git!


If you don't mind a little honesty and attitude, you should know a few things about our products. They are freakin' awesome. Hands down. Nothing more to be said. Take a chance. Open your big mouth and shove one of our fresh-baked treats home.

You'll be back.

Care to know more? Carry yourself on over to the Crap About Us page, then.

If you like what you heard about our products, then you should know something about our kitchen.

The Head BakerDude at thebakerdude runs a clean shop and has had many years of experience in commercial kitchens (and NOT the ones where the cooks spit on your hamburgers, either), so there's not going to be any nasty stuff baked into your dessert treats other than what's on the
What's In My Stuff page.